“Chechen Mineral Waters”.Our first anniversary – “10 years together with you”!

Since April 1st a full-scale advertising campaign has been launched on the territory of the Chechen Republic. Throughout the republic outdoor advertisements say that 2017 is a very special year for “Chechen Mineral Waters”.Our first anniversary – “10 years together with you”.


Chechen Mineral Waters released a new drinking water brand “BASHLAM”!

On March 16th, 2017, OOO “Chechen Mineral Waters”released a new drinking water brand “BASHLAM”.

The brand has received this name on a geographybinding to one of the highest tops of the Caucasus - Mount Kazbek (the Georgian. Mkinvartsveri — "the mountain with ice top", the Ossetian. Urskhokh (Urshkhokh) — "the white mountain",ingush. Bashlam — "the thawing mountain"). Bashlam in translation from the Chechen language "glacier top", his purest, glaring on sunshine part of top. At the translation from different languages, the essence doesn't change, Bashlam-it with thesnow-white, thawing glacier top. BASHLAM water is the unique, soft taste familiar to all since the childhood who at least once tried to lick a crystal-clear icicle in sunny winter day! The product is presented in a stylish bottle, a format 0,5l

bottle. It is ideal for HoReCa segment as it will definitely add to the beauty of a festive table or a conference room. Due to its convenient 6-bottle multipack format the brand has already entered retail segment presenting a perfect solution for a trip or picnic.

BASHLAM is glacial melted drinking water from the mountains of the North Caucasus.

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“Chechen Mineral Waters”warmly congratulates all our citizens on the coming New Year!

At the last weekend of 2016 at the crossroads of bigcities in the Chechen Republic one can seea team of the incredible and fabulous DedMoroz (Grandfather Frost) dressed in emerald-colored fur coats. They give away little treeair fresheners to all the drivers as presents from the company “Chechen Mineral Waters”.

“Chechen Mineral Waters”warmly congratulates all our citizens on the coming New Year and reminds all those who drive that speed is nothing, family is everything! “Slow down, your family is waiting for you” - these are the words written on the promo gift. During the promotional event 20.000 gifts were distributed.