Hooray! Hot summer is coming.

Hooray! Hot summer is coming. Let’s celebrate the season with the genuine kvass TM "Vainakh" - natural fermented-bread drink. Bread kvass is perhaps the only drink that can not only quench your thirst, but is also a very nourishing drink. The first recipes of kvass made fromrye bread appeared several centuries ago. A kind of refreshing drink, which is also quite tasty, became unbelievably popular among both ordinary Russian people and nobles. Both children and adults can drink kvass. Kvass is also used incooking the famous and beloved by all okroshka (cold kvass soup with vegetables and cooked meat). Natural fermented-bread kvass "Vainakh" is the product of live fermentation made from natural rye malt. Kvass TM "Vainakh" is supplied in 2 package types: 0.5L and 1.5 L PET bottles with a classic kvass label design and a bright red cork with a logo.


The company Chechen Mineral Waters presents the new Stom®iced tea tropic.


In August the company Chechen Mineral Waters is launching another novelty for those who love lemonades.


The company Chechen Mineral Waters continues its vehicle branding campaign as part of the large advertising project involving corporate vehicles.


The company "Chechen Mineral Waters" received a certificate for compliance with the international system FOOD SAFETTY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000

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