SUNFAN white grape.

Attention!!! Special treat for the fans of sunny fruit!

On May 19, 2017 the first bottle of the new juice-containing drink called "SUNFAN" came off the production line of LLC "Chechen Mineral Waters". Fruit always follow the golden rule: they turn to the warmth and light of the sun. Our "SUNFAN" fruit drink brings you the energy of the sunlight.

The products under the trade mark "SUNFAN" are produced using high-tech equipment for aseptic fillingwith 1.5L PET bottles with broad bottlenecks (product for the whole family). Modern style, bright "black circle" logo with a dynamic font "SUNFAN", a stylish black cork complete the overall image of the product and contribute to the memorable design of the trademark. This brand is presented by 4 drinks with different flavors: green apple, cherry, orange and white grapes.

Try our high-quality drink "SUNFAN" specially prepared for the fans of sunny drinks!

"SUNFAN" will give you a great mood for the whole day.


The company Chechen Mineral Waters presents the new Stom®iced tea tropic.


In August the company Chechen Mineral Waters is launching another novelty for those who love lemonades.


The company Chechen Mineral Waters continues its vehicle branding campaign as part of the large advertising project involving corporate vehicles.


The company "Chechen Mineral Waters" received a certificate for compliance with the international system FOOD SAFETTY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000

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